The risks involved in re-stumping

You have an array of stumps to use. You can choose from the wooden stumps to the concrete or steel ones as well. Each of these stumps has a good element of strength. We have just seen the process of re-stumping. Let us look into the risks of indulging in this kind of home improvement procedure.

The technology has advanced to such an extent that you are able to jack up houses from the ground level in the same manner you jack up your car. However, it does have its risks. One must take the necessary precautions before embarking on the re-stumping procedure.

The testing of the soil is the most important precaution to take. If the soil is too loose, you might not even be able to jack up the house. The house will collapse at the slightest disturbance of the soil.

You have to contend with the moisture levels. In case you find water at the foundation levels, it is always better to drain out the water and use concrete blocks instead.

While you jack up the house, there are chances of causing damage to the floor tiles and plumbing fittings. However, there are minor issues that you should be able to take care of.

One should ensure to lay the floor on an even keel after the re-stumping procedure. This can be a challenging procedure because a slight difference of even one cm can make the floor uneven. This can affect the doors and windows of the entire building.

The cost of the re-stumping procedure is an exorbitant one. Hence, it is always advisable to carry out the re-stumping activities at a single go. If you leave out a stump or two, you have to spend a similar amount for jacking up the house and carrying out the procedure again.

Other than these risks, the procedure is a safe one. It has become very popular at the same time.

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